1. Edible oils extraction plant and refinery
The oil extraction plant and refinery is located in the village of Doctor Yosifovo, Montana region, North – Western Bulgaria. The plant is operational since 1995 and is equipped with up to date machines and technological equipment for processing 200 tons of sunflower seeds per 24 hours. The refinery’s output is 60 tons of RBD sunflower oil per 24 hours.
2. Bottling plant
The bottling plant was built in 2010 in the town of Vratza. It is equipped with a modern machines for a fully automated production and packing in PET bottles of 0.5,1.0,2.0,3.0,5.0,10.0 liters. The capacity is 3000 liters per hour.
The biodiesel production was launched in 2009. The capacity is 50 tons per 24 hours. It is located in Doctor Yosifovo village, Montana region.
3. Animal food
The plant is located in the town of Vratza and produces:
- High-protein sunflower meal - 44-47% protein contents
- Low protein sunflower meal - 23% protein contents
- Pellets of hay and screenings of sunflower meal
- Pellets of hay and straw
4. Production of pellets for heating
The plant is located in the town of Vratza and produces pellets fro sunflower husks for heating.
5. Machine building and spare parts production
Located in Vratza it started as a workshop for repairs and spare parts for the equipment of Faustina Group. Gradually it was equipped with a full range of metal processing machines along with technical documentation for building machines for processing of sunflower seeds.We have successfully built the technological equipment for new factories in Kneja and Yambol.
6. Network of raw material depositories
To secure the production process and purchase of raw materials in the most advantageous price point in the year Faustina Group develops and maintains its own network of sunflower seed depositories/warehouses/, located mainly in northwestern Bulgaria:
- Warehouse in the Doctor Yosifovo village with 7000 tons capacity
- Warehouse in town of Valchedram with 6000 tons capacity
- Warehouse in the town of Byala Slatina with a capacity of 2000 tons
- Warehouse in the town of Roman with a capacity of 5000 tons
- Warehouse in the town of Vratza with a capacity of 2000 tons
Warehouses are equipped with grain loaders and bunkers. Accepted raw materials are analyzed in our own laboratory for moisture, fat and mechanical impurities, and during storage checks for moisture and storage pests are carried out.

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