Faustina Group Ltd. was established in 1991. The main business activity is production of sunflower oil - crude and refined, as well as biodiesel. Faustina Group Ltd. launches their main production in 1995 with the purchase and installation of a production line with a capacity of 1.5 tons of sunflower oil per 24 hours. This became the foundation of the nowadays main factory in the Doctor Yosifovo village, Montana district, Bulgaria with a capacity of processing 200 tons of sunflower seeds per day.
For the distribution of its product range Faustina group relies on a well established network of clients bounded with long term, high volume contracts.
Nowadays our products are present at the markets in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Albania.
The company uses a comprehensive program to ensure the safety of its products and maintains its own laboratory for testing of raw materials and ready products. It guarantees the safety of the products before they reach the final customers. These safety measures are consistent and follow the latest laws and regulations of each market where the products of Faustina Group are sold.
The company has implemented and successfully operates under the HACCP system for quality and food safety.
The company has IFS Food certificate since January, 2015.
The adoption of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 was accomplished in June, 2015.
Faustina Group actively cooperates with SGS - a leading company in the field of inspection, verification, testing and certification.
Faustina Group strictly follows the principles of corporate social responsibility in business, and requires by its partners:
1. To respect the human rights of its employees.
2. Not to use child labor, slavery or human trafficking.
3. Not to practice discrimination in hiring and employment.
4. To provide employees a safe and healthy working environment.
The company in parallel to its extensive development, takes into account and protects ecosystems in local and global scale, and strictly takes precaution measures for preventing any environmental contamination.

The extensive development of the company goes through several key stages aiming the increase of production capacity, improving quality and expanding the product range.
1. Renovation, improvement and expansion of primary production - Oil production plant in the village Doctor Yosifovo
2. Establishment and Development of own production unit for machines for the processing of vegetable oils and spare parts.
3. Production of fodder for domesticated livestock.
4. Production of biodiesel.
5. Establishing of a plant oil bottling facility.
6. Developing of a wide network of raw material depositories.
7. Project for a new plant oil producing facility, located in the town of Vratsa, developed at 80,000 square meters plot with planned capacity of 500 tons per day.

During the last few years Faustina Group has undertaken the following major steps to increase production capacity, diversify production range and increase customers network:
1. Launch of biodiesel production
2. Expeller extraction
3. Workshop machinery and spare parts production
4. Production of high and low protein sunflower meal
5. Production of pellets for heating
6. Network of raw material depositories and company transport fleet

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